ThDr. Pavel Černý, ThD. is a Pastor of Church of the Brethren and a lecturer of practical theology and missiology at Evangelical Theological Seminary in Prague.

These pages contain some of his texts, which could be useful for the public.

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Advent, race and intimacy of incarnation

If we take the incarnation seriously, we have a responsibility to build a theology where all of humanity is assumed in the body of Jesus.


"It was truly marvelous what God did here": An Interview with Rev. Dr. Pavel Černý attach

This interview was published in December 2020 in East-West Church Report, Vol. 28, No. 4 2020, page 10-12.

Development of Ethics in Mission Documents of the Evangelical Movement. attach

Tato studie prochází a hodnotí jednotlivé dokumenty evangelikálního hnutí se zaměřením na etiku misie. Ukazuje se, že důraz na etiku misie není pouhý apendix evangelizace a sociální služby, ale ve skutečnosti k misii integrálně...

Forms of worship in the home (Pavel Černý)

Forms of worship in the home are conected with the origin and development of the Church. First of all, Jesus’ disciples met in the Temple and in their homes. Christians also used synagogues, which were spread across the whole Roman Empire. Further...

What does it mean to eat and drink the blood of Christ? Eucharist and struggle for the unity of the church. attach

What does it mean to eat and drink the blood of Christ (John 6:53-57) in celebration of the Lord’s Supper? Should we understand that only symbolically, spiritually or even bodily? Eucharist and struggle for the unity of the church is high on...

Theology of Christian worship. Pavel Cerny attach

This article was published in Theologia vitae 2/2008, p.129-139.


Theology of Christian worship touches the center of liturgical practice of Christian Churches and contemporary liturgical debates. Is our worship uniting, or is it...

Bibliography of Pavel Černý attach

Postupně doplňovaná bibliografie Pavla Černého

Spiritual understanding of the contemporary world

Discussion on the Czech Radio Plus, Sunday March 18, 2018.

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The Reformation in the Czech Lands of Bohemia and Moravia (Pavel Cerny) camera attach

This paper has been delivered at the International Conference of the Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians, Wittenberg, Germany, August 2016.

The role and structure of the work in the board of the Elders attach

Referát Pavla Černého z pastorální konference Církve bratrské na téma úlohy a struktury práce ve staršovstvu. Služba starších hrála v prvotní církvi důležitou roli a máme o ní poměrně dost informací ve spisech Nového zákona....

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