ThDr. Pavel Černý, ThD. is a Pastor of Church of the Brethren in Prague 1 and a lecturer of practical theology and missiology at Evangelical Theological Seminary in Prague.

These pages contain some of his texts, which could be useful for the public.

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24th Theological Forum SET: Martin Luther and his legacy for the contemporary Church camera attach

Pod názvem “Martin Luther a jeho odkaz pro současnou církev” proběhlo dobře navštívené teologické fórum pořádané v Praze Sdružením evangelikálních teologů.

Theological Forum: Martin Luther and his legacy for contemporary Church attach

Theological forum will cover Luther’s way from piousness of reason into piousness of heart, Luther’s spirituality and his relationship to the Scripture.

Dialogue and Mission attach

Tento studijní text byl vytvořen pro studenty ETS v rámci přednášek z misiologie. Pro názornost problematiky je v něm zachycen rozdílný přístup dvou anglických teologů. Opatrnou pozici představuje Dr. Martyn LLoyd-Jones...

Teological Forum - Christian Ethics in the Society, March 14, 2016 attach

Invtitation to the Theological Forum on Christian Ethics in the Society, March 14, 2016

What does it mean to eat the body and to drink the blood of Christ (John 6:53-57) in celebration of the Lord's Supper? Eucharist and the struggle of the Church. attach


Should we understand that only symbolically, spiritually or even bodily? Eucharist and struggle for the unity of the Church is high on contemporary ecumenical agenda. There is an influence of postmodernism with its emphases on...

The Bishop of Rome - the Pope Francis - speaks about Eucharist

On Sunday November 15, 2015 The Bishop of Rome – the Pope Francis – spoke about commonly shared Eucharist as a guest Preacher in the Lutheran Church of Rome. In that difficult question he used the Holy Scripture – Eph 4:4-5: “one Lord, one...

Actual questions of Ecumenical Dialogue camera

Public panel diskussion in Emauz monastery in Prague, June 13, 2015. Panelists: Tomas Halik, Ivana Noble, Martin Vanac and Pavel Cerny. Moderator Pavel Hosek.



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