ThDr. Pavel Černý, ThD. is a Pastor of Church of the Brethren and a lecturer of practical theology and missiology at Evangelical Theological Seminary in Prague.

These pages contain some of his texts, which could be useful for the public.


Letter to the WCC, July 2022

Ecumenical accademics against the membership of the Russian Orthodox Church in the World Coucil of Churches. We call upon the WCC to suspend the membership of the ROC, as long as it does not condemn in unequivocal terms the war against Ukraine, through the voice of its highest authority, and as long as Patriarch Kirill uses his spiritual and political power to fuel the war, instead of...

Vzpomínkový večer ke 100. výročí narození Johna R. W. Stotta a prezentace jeho knížky Radikální učedník

V Církvi bratrské v Praze 1, Soukenická 15 se 19. října 2021 uskutečnil vzpomínkový večer ke 100. výročí narození Johna R. W. Stotta. Při této příležitosti byla prezentována Stottova kniha, kterou pohotově vydalo nakladatelství Biblion. Jedná se o poslední Stottovu knihu “Radikální učedník”. Stárnoucí kazatel a teolog rok před svou smrtí v této knížce vyjádřil svůj odkaz pro...

Spiritual understanding of the contemporary world

Discussion on the Czech Radio Plus, Sunday March 18, 2018. Audio Archive

Theological Forum: Martin Luther and his legacy for contemporary Church

Theological forum will cover Luther’s way from piousness of reason into piousness of heart, Luther’s spirituality and his relationship to the Scripture.

The Bishop of Rome - the Pope Francis - speaks about Eucharist

On Sunday November 15, 2015 The Bishop of Rome – the Pope Francis – spoke about commonly shared Eucharist as a guest Preacher in the Lutheran Church of Rome. In that difficult question he used the Holy Scripture – Eph 4:4-5: “one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.” If that is true the Lord’s Table may not be divisive issue....

Prof. Dr. Jaro Krivohlavy, teacher, friend and brother

Prof. Dr. Jaro Krivohlavy - Czech top psychologist, counselor, mentor and great Christian passed away at the end of the year 2014.

Forty Years of of Work of the American Society for Missiology - ASM

American Society for Missiology (ASM) celebrated in June 2013 its 40th anniversary at the Conference held in Wheaton College by Chicago. It is good to remember that since the beginning this society provides an umbrella for cooperation of mission theologians from Protestant Churches, Evangelical movement and Roman Catholic Church. This cooperation brings a good fruit and creates environment...

Ecumenical celebration - week of prayer for Christian unity

In Soukenicka Church we have hosted Ecumenical gathering - week of prayer for Christian unity. Among participants there have been heads of churches in the Czech Republic including cardinal Duka - Archbishop of Prague, cardinal Vlk (former Archbishop of Prague) and president of the Ecumenical Council of Churches Joel Ruml.